Email group

There is a Yahoo email group which any resident is welcome to join (instructions below). (This is distinct from the large list of members’ email addresses that Secretary Joyce has for occasional mailings; if you would prefer to be on that list rather than the Yahoo one, email her: jrosser, then ‘at’, then Once you have joined the Yahoo group, you can:

    • send messages to all the other members of the group via a single email address; for instance, you could ask if anyone can recommend an electrician, report a cat that’s been found, or enquire about unpruned trees;
    • receive these messages and their answers;
    • reply to them if you have an answer (see below for how to do this); and
    • search the archived messages on the group’s website to find messages about things such as electricians, lost cats or tree-pruning. (See below for searching the archive.)

The group is a good way to get to know the neighbours and to share local information.

To join the WERA Yahoo email group

  • Go to here.
    • click ‘Join this group’ (beneath the group icon on the left).
  • Or: go to here. You should see the WERA-N8 home page, including a summary of past messages. Feel free to browse through them. Decide whether you want to join so that you can send messages and receive them as they’re sent. If you decide not to join, you can always visit this website to check messages that others have sent.
    • Click ‘Sign up’ (near the top, after ‘New user?’).
  • If you’re already registered with Yahoo, add this group to your existing list of groups by clicking ‘sign in’ (top right) and following the instructions.
  • If you’re not already registered with Yahoo, supply the details requested. You will receive a couple of email messages to confirm your membership.
  • At any time you can change your options as a member (e.g. to stop receiving messages) by going to the group’s home page and clicking ‘edit membership’ (top middle).
  • If you have any problems, please tell the list owner, Dick Hudson, ‘dick’, then ‘@’, then ‘’

To reply to messages from the WERA group

  • If you want to reply to a message, you can send it either to the entire group, or just to the person who sent the message.This allows you t o avoid sending personal messages to the entire group. Here’s how you choose:
  • To send your reply to the entire group: just hit the ‘reply’ button.
  • To send your reply just to the sender: what you do depends on whether you received the message through your usual email system or by reading messages in the archive:
    • if you’re using your usual email system:
      • in the original message, right-click the sender’s address in the From: line, then select ‘copy email address’;
      • then hit ‘reply’, select the group address in the ‘To:’ line, delete it and paste the sender’s address into the line instead.
    • if you’re reading messages in the archive, hit the ‘reply’ button and select the sender’s address in the ‘To:’ menu.

Code of conduct on the WERA group

The purpose of the list is to exchange views and information on local issues that are likely to be of interest to other members of the list. While members are free to express any opinions they hold, they should be aware that in a forum of over 200 people, at least some members are likely to hold opposing views, so offensive language should never be used.. Please apply the same standards as you would apply in talking face-to-face to the person concerned. The list owners will not hesitate to remove any member who repeatedly sends messages that offend other members.

Disclaimer: WERA takes no responsibility for any information or recommendations made by contributors to this email group.

To search the archive (or read emails on the web)

Suppose you’re looking for a plumber:

  • Make sure that you’re a registered member of the Yahoo email list; if not, join it (it’s free!) as explained above.
  • Go to the group web page, and login if you’re not already logged in (shown by your name in the top right).
    • To log in, you need to go to the general Yahoo page, where you should see ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner (you may need to scroll across to it). Then go back to the group page as above, where you should see that you’re logged in; you may need to refresh the page (by clicking the little circular arrow in your browser, or simply by closing the page and then opening it again).
  • Find the box ‘Search conversations’ right at the top of the page, enter ‘plumber’ (without quotes), and click ‘search groups’.
  • This should produce a list of all the relevant WERA messages. If it doesn’t, try this:
  • Scan down to the ‘message history’ at the bottom of the page, where all the past messages are listed by month.
  • Hit Control+F to open a little search window (my browser locates it on the bottom left of the window, but yours may be different), and enter your search term (e.g. plumber).
  • Then work through the months, starting with the most recent, until you find something relevant.  If a month’s messages contains your search term, at least in the bit displayed on-screen, your search should find it.


At least once each year our road representatives distribute a newsletter to every household on the Warner estate. Copies of old newsletters can be found here.


We hold an Annual General Meeting in the summer, and include a talk on some topic of local interest by an invited speaker.

Road representatives

Each road has a WERA representative who will be pleased to hear from you about any concerns, and will call to collect members’ annual subscription. Click for a list of road representatives.