Trouble-shooting on the WERA group

Some members have found that they suddenly stop receiving WERA messages. If that happens to you, check your own email system to see if:

  • WERA messages are being treated as spam, and channeled into a spam folder. You may be able to prevent that by including in your address book.
  • your system has a list of ‘blocked’ email addresses which includes

I’m afraid I can’t tell you how to find the spam or blocking information as email systems are so different; try googling for your email system and the problem (e.g. ‘thunderbird blocking’).

To unsubscribe from the WERA group

To leave the group:

  • Go to the foot of any message, and hit ‘Unsubscribe’.
  • Alternatively, go to the group web page.
    • Click the ‘Subscription’ tab on the left.
    • Run right down to the bottom of the page and hit the big red button labelled ‘unsubscribe’.
  • If this fails, contact the list owner.

Code of conduct on the WERA group


The purpose of the list is to exchange views and information on local issues that are likely to be of interest to other members of the list. While members are free to express any opinions they hold, they should be aware that in a forum of over 200 people, at least some members are likely to hold opposing views, so offensive language should never be used. Please apply the same standards as you would apply in talking face-to-face to the person concerned. The list owners will not hesitate to remove any member who repeatedly sends messages that offend other members.

Disclaimer: WERA takes no responsibility for any information or recommendations made by contributors to this email group.

To search the archive (or read emails on the web)

The archive of the old Yahoo group has disappeared, but the archive is growing and will become increasingly important. Fortunately, it’s also much easier to use than the Yahoo archive was.

If the WERA archive doesn’t give you what you’re looking for, try the much bigger and better organised one at HarringayOnline.

Searching the archive

  • Go to the group website and make sure you’re logged in.
  • Click on the ‘Messages’ tab on the left.

Enter your search item in the search box.


At least once each year our road representatives distribute a newsletter to every household on the Warner estate. Copies of the current newsletter as well as of a collection of old ones can be found here.


We hold an Annual General Meeting in the summer, and include a talk on some topic of local interest by an invited speaker. The minutes of past AGMs are archived.

Road representatives

Each road has a WERA representative who will be pleased to hear from you about any concerns, and will call to collect members’ annual subscription. Click for a list of road representatives.


WERA website