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Our neighbours James Palmer in Linzee Road and Robin and Adrian Thomas in Warner Road have been recording their bird-sightings systematically since about 2003, and have kindly provided the lists (which are in remarkable agreement) on which the following aviaries are based. Further suggestions  and comments were received from Iain, Ian, Ann, Mike and Jonathan Cooke.  So if you’re lucky you might well see every one of these birds from your garden.

The two galleries below distinguish birds that are likely to touch down in your garden and those that just do a fly-past, but the distinction shouldn’t be taken too seriously. For example, Mike reports a sparrow hawk accidentally doing a crash landing:

Last year we had a young sparrowhawk, it actually flew into the thicket next to our conservatory chasing  the sparrows and got stuck there. It was wedged against the window and it was its beak against the window that told us it was there.  We had to move some of the branches aside to help it fly away.

On the other hand, Richard Green describes a sparrowhawk as “a regular visitor to our garden” and reports that on Christmas Day 2015 “Some sparrows had taken refuge in a cotoneaster bush growing beside our pond and he spent 20 minutes trying to drive them out”, with this lovely photo as evidence:

Similarly, Ian reports on an unintended visit by a heron:

Soon after we moved here, more than 20 years ago, a heron flew low over the fences with two angry crows in hot pursuit. They mobbed it and it squawked in terror or indignation.

And in 2021 Adrian caught a heron on camera hoping for fish in a neighbour’s pond:

Moreover, in November 2018 Robin and Adrian also counted no fewer than 16 parakeets in their tree!

Even an ordinary robin can create surprises, as evident in this video from Graham Pike:

What an exciting place we live in!

Incidentally, you can also check out the songs that our birds sing, and there’s a good app for your phone which will often identify birds by their song.

The following images are all borrowed from the RSPB’s wonderful website. If you click on any of the images, a larger version will appear in a new window, with a name tag. If you click on the name, you will go to the RSPB page for that bird.

Visiting your garden

 Passing by overhead

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  1. Great. Also the finches – goldfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch, bullfinch. Also chiffchaff, goldcrest and siskin that I have seen here.

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