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      • Constituency: Hornsey and Wood Green
      • Member of Parliament: Catherine West (Labour)


    1. Borough: London Borough of  Haringey
    2. Our wards:
      • The western part of the Warner Estate is in Muswell Hill ward.
      • Linzee Road, Baden Road, part of Clovelly Road and the eastern side of Priory Avenue are in Hornsey ward.
      • Muswell Hill ward: Emery Scott, Julia Ogiehor, Pippa Connor (Liberal Democrats)
      • Hornsey ward: Adam Jogee,  Dana Carlin,  Elin WestonWard councillors can all be contacted on email (firstname.lastname@haringey.gov.uk) or c/o River Park House, 225 High Road, Wood Green N22 8HQ.


For less urgent matters contact your Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team :


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