Noise nuisance problems

This page is primarily for those affected by noise from Alexandra  Palace and Park, but there is also very general information about how to complain about other kinds of noise nuisance. The following information is taken directly from an email sent on 1st October 2017 to the Yahoo group by Steve Shaw, following up a message from Jim Jenks  regarding a meeting with the Palace / Council about amplified events in Ally Pally.

  • If you are concerned regarding any event then it is important to let the Palace organisers know. The number is 020 8365 2121. I [Steve Shaw] can vouch from experience that they will log your concerns and will try to mitigate if possible. However they will only go so far – the licence granted by Haringey does allow them to go extremely loud.
  • In that case, if you remain concerned, then ring the Council’s noise team. They are on 020 8489 0000. They have statutory powers and, if they agree that there is a nuisance, can force the Palace to respond accordingly.
  • At the meeting with the Palace team it was agreed that for the major events such as the fireworks, summer festival and the hoped for four annual super ones (eg Elton John!) – a record would be kept of complaints, sound levels and any subsequent response – which would be fed back to resident’s groups such as WERA. So if you have concerns it is only by making your concerns known that the Palace will feel the need to respond.


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