Parking and CPZs

  • An LBH document  which contains information about PPAs:
    • Within a CPZ, roads that have reduced kerb space due to a large allocation of dropped kerbs are likely to become a Permit Holders Only parking area (PPA). This allows the council to maximise parking for residents by installing signs at the entrance to the road informing residents that beyond this point, only permit holders and visitor permits are allowed to park during the operational hours of the zone.Bay markings and single yellow lines are not installed in a PPA to allow residents to park in front of their dropped kerbs and continue to park how they would have done before the CPZ was implemented.
  • An LBH map showing the WERA area designated as an “existing cell with no through access for vehicles”
  • A blog explaining CPZ vs RPZ vs PPA.
  • The Haringey consultation documents Nov 2017
  • Haringey parking charges

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