Long-term weather patterns

Here are some resources that have been mentioned in our email messages about the weather.

  • “national and local ‘Water Situation Reports’, published by the Env Agency. They are published around the 12th of every month and show rainfall levels (compared the Long Term Average).. You get to see what the ground water levels, river flow and reservoir reserves are doing for the previous month. The south-east very often faces semi-drought conditions through the year due, problematically, to regionally low average rain fall and the country’s highest consumer usage. When rainfall levels get low, agencies abstract water from our rivers to meet our demand” (Anna)
  • the area reports on the water situation for North London in particular.
  • XCW weather gives moving air pressure, and daily rainfall in mm.
  • Lightning maps show real time lightning strikes all over the world.
  • World Weather online gives long-term (ten year) summaries of the weather for particular locations (e.g. London). You have to run right down to the bottom of a long page.


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