WERA people and organisation



Membership costs £3 per household per year, payable to your road representative.  We have over 300 members (out of about 600 households in the area).

Road representatives

  • Baden Road and Clovelly Road: Jim and Ros Jenks (2 Clovelly Road, 8340 3130)
  • Danvers Road: Jeff Probst (Upper Flat, 2 Danvers Road, 8341 9517)
  • Linzee Road: Guy Holden (35 Linzee Rd, 07968 143042)
  • Park Avenue North: Richard Green (24 Park Ave North, rapgreen@icloud.com)
  • Priory Avenue: Sally and George Walker (17 Priory Ave, 07976 294016)
  • Priory Road (north side): Ella McPherson (36 Priory Road, ella.mcpherson@gmail.com)
  • Redston Road: Ursula Maestranzi (88 Redston Rd, 8340 2668)
  • Warner Road: Adrian and Robyn Thomas (30 Warner Rd, 8348 4897, adrianandrobyn@btinternet.com)

The WERA Committee

Click here for minutes


WERA AGMs are generally held in July, and are advertised by leaflet to individual houses. The committee meets three times per year.

AGM minutes…..General committee meeting minutes
Members are entitled to nominate items for the committee’s agenda through either their road representative  or the secretary.


WERA produces a newsletter and various flyers each year which are delivered to member households.  Past newsletters.

Responses to consultations

The WERA committee responds where possible to public consultations on local issues. If you are aware of such a consultation and would like the committee to respond, please contact the secretary; the committee may not be aware of the consultation, and in any case it is helpful to know members’ views. Some recent consultations

Looking after our environment

WERA coordinates the work of the Friends of Priory Common, a group of volunteers who look after the Common (the strip of grass and trees along the north side of Priory Road). Click here for their forthcoming activities, and to see what they’ve achieved.

WERA also liaises with the Haringey parks department over twice-yearly ‘compost giveaways’, when a lorry dumps in the nearest Ally Pally car-park a mountain of compost made out of our recycled food waste. Here’s a video of the first giveaway. We announce the giveaways via the various email lists.

Neighbourhood Watch

 WERA  is a member of the Haringey Association of Neighbourhood Watches.  We send representatives to their meetings, which are held in the Civic Centre and open to any local residents. In practical terms this means that we try to look after one another; for example, many of the messages on the Yahoo list are about security matters.


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