The WERA email group

The user instructions are available at The following extracts the most useful items.

  • The email address:
    • The “io” suffix apparently stands for the British Indian Ocean! So let’s pretend that Wera is the name of an island with a lagoon, etc.
  • How to join
    • As with Yahoo, the standard method is for you to ask me (Dick) to send you an invitation. Then just reply to the message, without adding any words.
  • How to send
    • Just send your messages to
    • If it’s your first message to the group, your message will come to me for checking (to make sure you’re not a robot), so there may be a delay in posting.
  • How to control your account: just send a blank message to the following email addresses (substituting “wera” (without speech marks) for GROUPNAME):
    • To join a group
    • To unsubscribe from a group
    • To receive an email containing a list of these commands
    • To receive plain digests instead of individual messages
    • To receive full featured digests instead of individual messages
    • To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages
    • To receive individual messages instead of digests or a summary
    • To only receive special messages
    •  To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web)
    • To contact the owners of a group.
  • How to view and search the archive of past messages
    • Click on the list’s address (which you’ll find repeated at the foot of each message).
    • Find what you want either by browsing or by using the search box.

WERA website