The WERA email group

WERA’s old email group run by Yahoo is closing down, so we need to move to an alternative system. One such is Google groups, which works in much the same way as Yahoo, but another is, which some people recommend highly and which looks very promising. So this is the option that’s currently under exploration.

The user instructions are available at The following extracts the most useful items.

  • The email address:
    • Notice that this is simpler than the previous one: we’re just “wera” instead of “wera-n8”.
    • The “io” suffix apparently stands for the British Indian Ocean! So let’s pretend that Wera is the name of an island with a lagoon, etc.
  • How to join
    • As with Yahoo, the standard method is for you to ask me (Dick) to send you an invitation. But after that it’s simpler than Yahoo because you simply click on the link in the invitation message, or reply to the message.
    • If we were using the paid version I could simply add everyone from the old Wera list, but we’re using the free version so I have to send you invitations.
  • How to send
    • Just send your messages to
  • How to control your account: just send a blank message to the following email addresses (substituting “wera” (without speech marks) for GROUPNAME):
    • To join a group
    • To unsubscribe from a group
    • To receive an email containing a list of these commands
    • To receive plain digests instead of individual messages
    • To receive full featured digests instead of individual messages
    • To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages
    • To receive individual messages instead of digests or a summary
    • To only receive special messages
    •  To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web)
    • To contact the owners of a group.
  • How to view and search the archive of past messages
    • Click on the list’s address (which you’ll find repeated at the foot of each message).
    • Run down to ‘Message history’ and choose the month you want to explore; typically that will be the current month.
    • Within the page for that month, you can search for messages containing a particular word or words, but the search can go beyond the month:  click on the little ‘filter’ icon (looking like a funnel), then choose a time scale in the dropdown menu that opens.


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