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Reported 21 June 2015 by Audrey & Clive Evers

We live at 33 Linzee Road and on Friday morning found a soft toy in  the middle of our garden and assumed it had been thrown over fences by children playing games. A fox – cub appeared and  investigated the toy but quickly retreated when she heard us approach. We placed the soft toy in a recycling bin(it was a bit grubby) at the front of the house.
    The next morning we found two more soft toys on the lawn, one a small rag doll and one a larger fox coloured dog/lion and admit to feeling slightly disturbed. We watched and after a short while the fox – cub revisited; she approached the larger toy and nudged it around and then approached the rag doll, picked it up and left the garden by her usual route into Priory Gardens(?) at the back of our house. I predicted a return visit and sure enough, 5 minutes or less later, the cub returned with a parent who without hesitation picked up the larger soft toy and the pair then retreated as before. I was ready with camera but was not quick enough to capture the whole sequence.
     I presume the soft toys have come from a local garden so this is partly to alert you to that but of more interest to us and perhaps to you is  the fascinating behaviour of this fox family and the speed of the communication between them and the focus of their amusement within a city environment.

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