The WERA backsite

What is sometimes called the ‘backsite’ is the unbuilt area enclosed by houses and gardens in   Linzee Road, Clovelly Road, Priory Avenue and Priory Road, which was bought collectively in 2007 by the owners of all the neighbouring houses.

Here is an extract from the WERA newsletter of 2007, reporting a presentation to the WERA meeting held to celebrate the centenary of the whole estate:

Matthew Walker talked about the campaign to resist a development on the backsite between Linzee Road, Clovelly Road, Priory Avenue and Priory Road. The title deeds to his house mentioned a covenant which restricted the number of houses that could be built and their location. After months searching through dusty archives the plan which set out the building lines along which the original houses had to be built was traced. After four years of planning battles, fundraising and negotiation with the landowners, the residents succeeded in buying the site which is in the process of becoming  a communal garden. Matthew concluded his presentation by saying “The Wamer Estate is protected by covenants and a case has been prepared in case anyone else ever needs it. It is marvellous that our ancestors had the foresight to draw up these documents that are still protecting our environment over a hundred years later.”

And here is a document written by Matthew in 2019 for the benefit of other WERA residents facing similar developments.

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